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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technologies

Polymer-coated fertilizers (PCFs) release nutrients based on osmosis and diffusion through the coating. Water passes through the polymer outer layer and dissolves the nutrients inside. Nutrients then move through the coating in response to a concentration gradient (high concentration inside the coating, low concentration outside the coating). Release rate and longevity are controlled by coating thickness and soil temperature.

Because the release follows a known temperature response, PCFs provide a predictable, controlled release of nutrients over a desired timeframe (typically 2 to 12 months). Release is minimal when soil is cool and increases with rising soil temperatures to coincide with plant growth and nutrient demand.

Golf course superintendents have utilized controlled-release fertilizers for decades to help manage the wide range of nutritional needs their courses require. Fewer applications, less labor and flexible programs are among some of the advantages. Professional sports field managers, landscape professionals, lawn care operators and specialty ag growers are bringing enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) more into play for the same reasons.

Allied Nutrients offers a polymer-coated controlled-release fertilizer:

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