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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Advantages: 

Fewer Fertilizer Applications

  • Helps to reduce overall fertilizer expenses and equipment costs
  • Allows for optimized labor allocation
    • Less time fertilizing provides opportunities to visit more properties per day or offer additional revenue-generating services
    • Less bag handling reduces risk of injuries
  • Applying controlled-release, slow-release and stabilized nitrogen enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs), nitrogen (N) use can be reduced by up to 40% when compared to conventional fertilizers like urea and ammonium sulfate
    • Saves money and helps to efficiently manage the use of this valued fertilizer resource
    • Responsible N utilization helps to differentiate the lawn or landscape professional from the competition and provides a key selling advantage when talking with current or potential customers


“Many of our sales leads come from referrals; our customers like what we’re doing and are telling their friends and neighbors.”

Bob Mann, formerly of Lawn Dawg

Optimum Nutrient Plant Uptake

  • Minimizes growth flushes
    • Reduces unplanned mowing, scalping, clipping and hardscape clean-up
  • Consistent and reliable nutrient delivery minimizes the feast/famine cycle that can cause stress
    • Healthy lawns can be more tolerant to weeds and diseases
    • Healthy lawns reduce the need for additional lawn care maintenance products that may have to be purchased and applied
    • Efficiently works to promote landscape appearance and vitality
  • EEF technology, longevity and SGN options enhance the ability to tailor fertilization programs that meet both business needs and specific turfgrass or plant requirements
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff or volatilization

EEFs: A Critical Tool

“We’re all about being as efficient with our nitrogen as possible, and EEFs play are key in helping us get that done.”

Brad Johnson, Lawn America

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