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Product Overview

UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen (N) fertilizer provides protection against all three forms of nitrogen (N) loss - leaching, denitrification and volatilization. It is a urea-based product with a 46-0-0 analysis, containing both urease and nitrification inhibitors. A completely soluble granular, UMAXX® fertilizer is equally effective whether spread dry or dissolved in a spray mix.

Stabilized Nitrogen

“UMAXX® has always been, and will continue to be the foundation nitrogen product in our agronomic program.”

Alex Suedemann, TPC Deere Run Golf Course

dual-inhibitor Technology

Stabilized Nitrogen
  1. Urease inhibitor to help prevent naturally occurring urease from breaking down urea
  2. Nitrification inhibitor to slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate
  • SGN options - mini and regular
  • Up to 12 weeks of plant response

How It Works

SGN Comparison Chart

Urease inhibitors work while fertilizer is on the soil surface to slow the enzyme urease from breaking down urea to ammonium and ammonia gas, which is subject to volatilization loss. This allows time for urea to move below the surface by rainfall or irrigation.


Nitrification inhibitors work to slow soil bacteria from converting ammonium into nitrate, which is highly subject to denitrification and leaching.

product Benefits

UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen is a dual-inhibitor urea fertilizer specially formulated for the golf market and other turfgrass applications. Urease and nitrification inhibitors reduce all three types of N loss, which helps make the most of your nutrition investment.

  • Dependable performance across varying soil conditions (e.g. pH, temperature, moisture)
  • Quick green-up and sustained color
  • Virtually eliminates N loss due to mower pick-up
  • Can be tank-mixed with many turfgrass protection chemicals
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff or volatilization
  • Completely soluble granular can be sprayed or spread

proven performance

Research performed at Ohio State University shows how UMAXX® fertilizer compares to standard urea. The initial response of UMAXX® fertilizer was similar to urea with extended turf response.

Comparison Chart

product specifications