Allied Nutrients NITROFORM


Product Overview

NITROFORM® slow-release urea-formaldehyde (UF) fertilizer delivers a steady, balanced and dependable source of nitrogen (N) for up to 22 weeks or more. For more than 50 years, turf and ornamental professionals have relied on NITROFORM® fertilizer, due to its exclusive release properties that make it one of the safest and longest-lasting slow-release sources of N available.

Slow Release

“I have used NITROFORM® successfully as part of a balanced and reliable fertilizer program for the last 15 years.”

Steven Tierney, Golfpark Nuolen, Switzerland

urea-formaldehyde Technology

Slow Release
  1. Unique mode of release for strong, rapid root development
  2. Supplies both N and energy-rich carbon to help increase and sustain populations of beneficial microorganismsin the soil
  • Non-burning, low-salt index formulation
  • Safe and long-lasting
  • SGN options - powder, mini and regular

How It Works

Slow Release

1. With over two-thirds of its formulation as water insoluble nitrogen (WIN), NITROFORM® fertilizer feeds through natural processes by microbial breakdown.

Slow Release

2. Microbes gradually convert UF into urea, which is converted into ammonium then nitrate in the soil.

Slow Release

3. Nitrogen (N) release rate is dictated by the length of the UF chains.

Slow Release

4. WIN extends nutrient release up to 22 weeks.

product Benefits

NITROFORM® slow-release fertilizer has been widely applied by turfgrass and tree care managers as well as professional growers looking for a long-lasting source of N that consistently delivers long-term nutrition to help support root development and sustained growth. NITROFORM® fertilizer granules can be broadcast, or the powder can be suspended in water, spray-applied or root-zone injected for trees and shrubs.

  • One of the safest and longest-lasting slow-release sources of N available
  • Nitrogen from methylene urea (MU) and UF
  • Over two-thirds is WIN
  • Reduced thatch development
  • Increased growth of beneficial soil microorganisms
  • Consistent feeding for up to 22 weeks or longer with fewer applications
  • Less potential risk of leaching into groundwater

Options and opportunities

  • The unique release properties of NITROFORM® fertilizer promote vigorous rooting that helps to create rapid development of root tissue
  • The result is dense turfgrass that can withstand the rigors of today's more intensively managed turfgrass practices, with minimal impact from insects, weeds and diseases
  • Used as a pre-plant amendment, the release properties of NITROFORM® fertilizer assist in more rapid root development and establishment
    - With potting mixes high in woody content, soluble N can be tied up by microbes as they break down organic material. NITROFORM® fertilizer can provide long-term N to satisfy the needs of plants and microorganisms.
  • Can also be used as a topdress application for both container- and field-grown ornamentals in many areas

*Slowly available N from UF.
**(% of Total N) AOAC 945.01 Method